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Sarge has been a tremendous influence in my teaching career and personal game. The knowledge that he brings to the table is unprecedented and backed up by his list of clients.
Parker Reeves Assistant Golf Coach James Madison Univ.
He is the type of teacher that can detect the problem in my swing almost immediately. Not only can he identify the swing flaw, but he can communicate it in a clear way by providing a simple swing thought to correct the problem.
Morgan Ransom Vanderbilt University Women's Golf Team Member
Sarge has been an integral part of both of my sons development in competitive junior golf. His teaching philosophy, rooted in fundamentals, builds upon a student's natural swing. Sarge is the "go-to" teacher for elite junior golfers in Central Ohio.
Scott Miller Father of Dalton and Miles
I have been working hard on keeping the club square and played yesterday. Although I shot 73, I hit the ball the best in years. The ball is coming off the face with more power and control than I can remember. Thanks again for your help!
Dave Smith, Indiana, Pa
Your fulcrum thought seem to work immediately for me. My index will probably drop by at least a stroke when the next revision comes out on Monday. I don't think I'm exaggerating one bit when I say this may be one of the best tips I've ever gotten. Thanks again!
John Doty
A great teacher inspires his student to learn and conveys more than simply the lesson, creates enthusiasm & excitement about the task at hand, he shares his vision about how the lessons will change the student for the positive. Thank you for being a great teacher.
Phil Nick






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